Sneak Preview: Models for NAMM ’18 Introduction

The Sonusphere B18 bass cab optionally becomes a truly kick ass ‘double stack’ and ‘triple stack’ bass horn (adding 10dB and mo’bass). Yes, playing with one 15.5 lb. cab on the floor is awesomely portable and great-sounding. The result of two spread on stage is even ‘mo’ better’ when the stage gets ‘mo’ large’. And we will emphasize here that these configurations provide the flattest response outcome. But for those who want to take those two and up their lower end game big time, just snap in their quick couplers, and you’ve got the B18-360 degree double stack. Instantly assembled, it becomes two horn-loaded 450 watt Neo drivers with two tuned -80 Hz radiators, withe the entire assembled package projecting warm and ‘focused’ full bass range sound in all directions. This 35 lb. B18 package, with the addition of amp and bass, is still one over-the-shoulder and two-handed load-in. Put the B18FS-360 up against any 2)10 cab out there, and it will come away unsurpassed for even & balanced tone, and clarity. Oh yes, and did we say KICK ASS?

B-18 Double Stack pending model

B-18 triple stack: pending model

Going into the beyond, place a third B-18 cabinet on top of the double stack, and… did we mention KICK SOME MASSIVE AND SERIOUS BUTT?

Oh yes. You asked for it and now it’s coming! The B-18P3 (bottom side shown) and G-18P3 are the 300 watt (at 8 ohm) Ice-powered variants of their passive cabinet models. From other angles they look just the same as their B-18 and G-18 cab equivalents. With ether of these powered guitar and bass speakers, all you need do is plug in your favorite pre-amp. Some compact pre’s are stomp box and some clip right on your belt. Plus as you will see introduced below, you can clip-on/mount a ‘tone-modeling’ virtual pre-amp tablet right on your Sonusphere. Anyway you do it, you’ve got a light, portable and exceedingly versatile rig.

Sonusphere with click-in tablet coupler

The future is now the present. Amp modeling software by such company’s as Positive Grid allow both bass players and guitarists to alter the tone of the amp they play through to match the amp that they want it to sound like. Additionally players can choose the tubes, pre-amp, transformer, style of EQ, and potentiometer inclusions should they want to produce their own custom sound. Players like you can not only match R&R rigs like Fender, Marshall, and Ampeg, but also duplicate expensive amps made for jazz, bluegrass and any acoustic instrument. How about matching and then sounding better than a Demeter, AER, Walter Wood, Acoustic Image or Henriksen. And they now make it sooo amazingly simple to do… at a cost of just $80! To get it totally right, all you need is the best sounding, widest projection, full range, even dispersion, and actually (not hyped) flat response cabinet anywhere to insure that you get the sonic results that you are dialing in. And that be Sonusphere my friends. Just imagine showing up with an awesome sounding rig, one with all of the amp sounds you will want for your gigs ready to go at the touch of a button. Plus your rig will be featherweight and the coolest/hippest looking amp set-up in the world. So, buy an amp modeling program for your Smart device and the right powered Sonusphere cabinet to make your sound come alive.