Photo Gallery

Sonusphere with click-in tablet coupler

B-18 Double Stack pending model

B-18 Double Stack pending model

B-18 triple stack: pending model

The G14: even within 2.5 dB. An example of realistic flat response in performance.

Parabolic High Frequency Relector Cone

The B18: smooth and even low frequency response

Driver-to-Enclosure Dispersion Ring Coupler

Playing the B18 on electric bass

The B18 onstage with acoustic bass

The G14 is the premiere choice for acoustic guitar

B18: Great for all instruments

The Initial Inspiration

Inspiration first realized: Carbon Fiber Sonusphere enclosures

Sonusphere Advertising

Future Model: The Bi-8 Guitar

Future model: Subwoofer

Clear B18 at gig

Testing the B18 at a NAMM trade show

P.A. and B18 bass rockin’ on stage

Sonusphere Promotion