Live Performance Loudspeaker Models:

The Sonusphere’s unique speaker design improves the amplified sound quality of both acoustic and electric instruments and vocals. The innovative and lightweight, the hemispherical-shape provides a remarkably accurate, high-quality flat response and ultra-wide 140 degree dispersion  sound.  Sonusphere speakers offer the widest frequency response possible for each instrument. The Sonusphere design virtually eliminates the sound-killing diffraction that is common in speaker ‘boxes’.

The eight models, for guitar, bass, and PA loudspeaker systems, incorporate Eminence or Celestion drivers.  Some models are offered with optional 300 and 700 watt Ice Power amplification. Sonusphere speakers incorporate the most advanced technologies to deliver warm, even and natural tone.  As specified by model, Sonusphere loudspeakers feature:

  • A hemispherical shape that contains no corners or edges to break-up or diffract sound waves.
  • A round shape that offers players dispersion of the widest frequency response possible for both acoustic and electric instruments as well as vocals.
  • No off-axis sound ‘shadows’ are present around Sonusphere loudspeakers in contrast to those found at the sides and back of standard speaker ‘boxes.
  • Integrated anti-diffraction dispersion rings that minimize sound wave diffraction to cabinet sides.
  • Notably light weights, from 5.5 lbs./7Kg. to 17 lbs./7.75KG., depending on the model and options selected.
  • Optional Bang & Olufsen Ice Power 300- or 700- watt Class D power amps available standard on some models as specified.
  • Integrated parabolic high frequency reflectors to insure the widest possible  sound dispersion and projection.