All eight premiere Sonusphere speaker models are in full production. All Sonushpere products are discounted below the List Pricing stated on their product page. Contact us at to order yours.

G18 Guitar

B18 Bass

M18 P.A. Monitor

M18P3 P.A. Monitor

P18 Passive P.A.

P18P3 P.A. Powered Main

P18P7 P.A. Powered Main

Why Round?

Since their inception, speaker enclosures have been boxes to a major degree because box construction methodology has remained cost-effective. This has resulted in the predominance of limited dispersion point-source sound. In contrast, it is common knowledge that a sphere exhibits the most flat response of all possible speaker enclosure geometries. And flat response is widely considered by the finest sound engineers to be ideal for hearing most musical instruments.

So now without compromise, Sonuspheres offer the broadest possible dispersion of the widest frequency range of sound waves with the greatest potential flat response. Thus Sonuspheres represent a clear step in advancing amplified live performance sound production.

Flat Response

What is flat response and why is it the gold standard for speaker systems?

Acoustical engineering literature acknowledges that a sphere is the optimum enclosure shape for providing flat response.  By contrast, of 12 classic shape geometries, a cubical box is the fourth best and a rectangular box is the fifth.  Flat response is the accepted gold standard for music listening and most live performance.