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During our introductory offer period and when sold direct, all Sonusphere products are discounted to be sold at 70% 'of' the List Price stated on their product pages.  By example, this means that a Sonusphere model with a List Price of $949 USD/815 Euro, is at this time sold for $649 USD / 557.5 Euro. Contact us at to order yours.

G18 Guitar

B18 Bass

M18 Passive P.A. Monitor

M18P3 Powered P.A. Monitor

P18 Passive P.A. Main

P18P3 Powered P.A. Main

P18P7 Powered P.A. Main

Why choose Sonusphere?

It was during the first part of the 20th Century when the first instrument amplifiers and speaker enclosures were produced. Les Paul wired a phonograph needle to his guitar and connected it to a radio speaker to amplify his acoustic guitar. Understandably, speaker boxes of that era were made using the materials and technology available. Wood plank, excellent for building right-angled boxes such as crates and early phonograph speakers, was a good choice. In essence, a spherical cabinet could not be made with the construction methodologies developed by the early 20th century. As a result, the speaker 'box' became the established standard well before sound engineers determined that other (then not-buildable) enclosure geometries can and do provide superior sound reproduction. Since their inception and until recently, speaker enclosures have been boxes mostly because box construction has remained cost-effective, as well as because their shape is now so familiar and thus considered 'normal'. This has resulted in the predominance of enclosures that provide tonally-colored, limited-dispersion, point-source sound. Notably, as a nod to the positive sonic effects of 'roundness', the best current box speaker manufacturers are producing more curved front faces and edges on their enclosures. This is their attempt at providing improved sound without 'rocking the boat'. They are essentially moving ‘towards’ the Sonusphere shape! Indeed, it is now common knowledge that a sphere exhibits the most flat response and natural-sounding dispersion of all possible speaker enclosure geometries. And flat response is widely considered by the finest sound engineers to be most ideal for listening to the majority of musical instruments.

Now Sonusphere offers you the broadest possible dispersion of the widest frequency range of sound waves with the greatest potential flat response. Sonuspheres represent a clear step in advancing amplified live performance sound production.

The Natural Warmth of Flat Response

What is flat response and why is it the gold standard for speaker systems?Acoustical engineering literature acknowledges that a sphere is the optimum enclosure shape for providing flat response.  By contrast, of 12 classic shape geometries, a cubical box is the fourth flattest and a rectangular box is the fifth. Flat response is the accepted gold standard for music listening and most live performance.